Maine Coon; Are They Friendly?

Large cat breeds are supposed to be muscular with its huge body and might seem a bit scary, but this is not the case for Maine Coon cats. Their majestic appearance comes with a sweet personality that just makes it perfect to be your companion at to train a kitten home. Not only that, he just makes you feel like you are very worthy of his life and who is not looking for that?

Personality of Maine Coon

Cat personality traits are important as they make you feel happy and loved, and you have to know them before you decide to adopt a cat. One of the reasons why Maine Coon cats are being sought everywhere in the world is because of their personality. You won’t believe how sweet this type of cat is, raising a kitten alone very active and will be able to accompany you all day.

Their loves for the owners are shown by the way they act. They will make you feel like you are loved, but not to the point that they are demanding for your love back. As they are very curious, Maine Coon cats are going to follow you around and if you want to play with them all day, they will be more than happy to accompany you.

Are Maine Coons Friendly?

Maine Coon is one of the big cat breeds that are very social, which makes them friendly to everyone they meet. They just get along with anyone including dogs, which most of other cats would have a hard time to bond with. They like to play fetch and won’t protest if you want them to walk on a leash, and even though they can be as active as you want, they are not hard to take a rest.

Doesn’t Maine Coon personality sound lovely? They are just very happy all the time which makes humans and other animals around them to feel excited as well. They spark energy by loving and appreciating everyone they meet, which makes everyone feels special around them. Can you imagine how much love Maine Coons give to their owners?

The friendliness of a Maine Coon also depends on how they are being treated in the house. The happiness of this cat breed is the result of the owners’ hard work and every time and energy they have devoted. Even though Maine Coon is originally a happy cat, can you just imagine how even friendlier they become when they are being treated rightly? They even have their own ways to show if they don’t like something, which is very helpful for the owners.

Facts about Maine Coon

Did you know that Maine Coon has a lot of different colors and a variety of patterns? As if they haven’t been unique enough! Although the most popular color is black, some Maine Coons also have solid colors to two colors. Variety is never a bad thing, isn’t it? There are so many beautiful look that you can choose if you decide to go to a Maine Coon breeder.

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